Reliance Chemicals & Services has wide knowledge and expertise in behavior and life cycle of concrete, steel and masonry structures. We offer complete range of professional building and structural repair services adhering to meet the needs and requirements of both commercial as well as privately owned properties. Our exhaustive range of structural rehabilitation solutions is based on our understanding and knowledge, that is attained by serving various industries like bridges, building structures, railways, ports and harbors.

Concrete structures get damaged due to ageing, aggressive environment, faulty design and limitations of concrete in meeting severe vibration, abrasion , erosion and cavitation. We do repairs with crack & joint sealants, mortars and coatings. Besides we do injection grouting with solvent free, low viscosity injection grouts for repair of cracks and strengthening of weakened civil structures due to honeycombing or construction errors.

Application- Structural Repairs and Rehabilitation

  • Rectifying the Corroded area.
  • Injection Grouting of columns, beams, terraces etc.
  • Strengthening and treatment of concrete structures.
  • Fixing of steel to concrete elements.
  • Strengthening of RCC foundation for higher loads.
  • Repairing and strengthening of brick, concrete walls
  • Arresting leakages from porous, cracked, or distressed concrete.
  • Waterproof coatings, treatments with advanced technologies
  • Repair of joints, cracks with epoxy/expansion joint sealants
  • Strengthening of honey Combing in new concrete slabs

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