We use low viscosity solvent-free epoxy coating system for protection from heavy duty corrosion. Successful case history of its application in various industries is available. As in the case of any other coating, this system also involves careful surface preparation , application of a primer coat and top coats with appropriate precautions and proper curing.

Specified coating system are selected and applied on metal and civil structure for protection from specific chemical exposure after studying the exposure concentration and temperature condition. DM plant and their floors, cooling tower structure, metal and civil structures exposed to chemical spillage and fumes, Effluent and sewage treatment plant, fuel, water and chemical storage tanks, water pipelines etc. are our regular application areas. Metal surface are prepared by mechanical and chemical means to remove all old Rust, Oxidation residues, Old Coatings etc. to get the base metal surface. Polyurethane and Epoxies are the preferred polymers for protective coatings due to their excellent bonding, Chemical, Abrasion and Ultraviolet resistance in both Metal and Civil Structure Applications.

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