Epoxy grouting is solvent free, low viscosity injection grout. We at Reliance Chemicals & Services offer our clients superior quality epoxy grouting. These are popular for their effectiveness and durability.

Epoxy grouting can also be referred as moisture insensitive grout that is used for filling cavities and cracks like column, beam, bridges, concrete structures, etc. Reliance Chemicals & Services has earned wide acclaim for its high performance epoxy grouting, provided at competitive prices to diverse industries.

We provide multipurpose, concentrated, liquid polymer additive which when used with sand/cement, greatly improves the workability and consistency. It can also be used as an admix for renders / screeds creating workability and consistency. Types of cracks and its location decides the method of sealing and grouting. Thus in the case of a network of fine hairline cracks, such as those found in water tanks and other similar structures, only a coating of epoxy system giving a thickness of 300-400 micron can be sufficient.

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