Epoxy flooring is done on floor and wall surface. Because it has no maintenance cost and is easy to clean, it is very economical. It cuts down on amount of lighting needed in the plant. Epoxy flooring provides for a dust free surface and protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation. Due to its higher abrasion resistance there are several industries where epoxy coating is done.

Self leveling floor coatings are available in various shades as per our shade card. Specific shades as per customer requirements can also be offered on requests. To provide full satisfaction to our customers we offer a warranty for a specified period against cracking, chipping, loss of bond or discoloration of the application. We have all the modern tools and trained manpower to execute your job in a very short interval to reduce your losses due to downtime during maintenance.

When used for Flooring and Mortar Screeds

  • Forms jointless flooring
  • Dust free flooring
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Hygienic
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance

When used as lining

  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Faster curing
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Highly useful for Acid/Alkali resistant joints
  • Anti-Skid Flooring
  • Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistance

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